When could nuclear-electricity be cheaper than gas-electricity?

This is based on public data reported in DECC's Electricity Generation Costs 2013. It doesn't give exactly the same levelised costs as reported in that publication 1
Gas-electricity Nuclear-electricity
Setting Today Annual change Today Annual change
Pre-development cost £/kW £/kW
Capital cost £/kW £/kW
Fixed operating cost £/kW-yr £/kW-yr
Variable operating cost £/MWh £/MWh
Connection and use of system £/kW-yr £/kW-yr
Insurance £/MW-yr
Decomissioning £/kW
Fuel £/MWh £/MWh
Carbon £/tCO2
Pre-development time yr yr
Construction time yr yr
Plant life years years
Cost of capital    
Load factor  

Data table

Costs that change over time

Components of the levelised cost of gas


Components of the levelised cost of nuclear



  1. Reason's this will give different answers to DECC's official levelised cost estimates:
  2. The plant has the same operating cost for its entire life, but the operating cost varies depending on the year in which the plant is built
  3. Finance rates must be the net post tax effective rate